The CfAHR is located in temperate North San Diego County, California .
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12' x 19' Chamber

Available space:

The Climate Controlled Greenhouse

The 56’ x 60’ climate controlled greenhouse has three individually controlled chambers measuring
12’ x 19’ with two 5’ x 18’ benches, a  9’ x 36’ climate controlled chamber with two 5’ x 10’ benches and three 5’ x 18’ benches, and the 18’ x 36’ head house with roof vent.

This greenhouse is connected to an Argus control system. The temperature is monitored continuously by the system which in turns determines, based on set parameters, when to turn the heaters or the evaporative cooling system (wet walls) in each chamber. The system also controls operational roof and wall vents. Chambers are fitted with metal benches, water taps, and drainage.

head house

The total greenhouse, shade and sun area in 15,000 square feet, these areas can be extended to one acre if additional space is needed. The Quonset-style greenhouse measures 35’ x 84’; the shade and sun areas will be approximately 30’ x 40’ each.

climate controlled greenhouse

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